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Every gym has a personality of its own. We have been visiting gyms across Singapore to find the ones that are most female friendly. All of the gyms on our list are welcoming, have classes suitable for women and some even have female coaches. We hope you find a gym for you.



Spartans' 'Boxing without bruises' ethos gives their gyms an all-inclusive, community atmosphere that make classes at Spartans like training with your friends. Spread across the island the 13 gyms offer a wide range of sessions including technical training, sparring, HIIT and strength & conditioning. You will find female coaches as well as all ladies only class at some of their outlets. They also have the Spartans Girl Gang, a community that connects the female members across the gyms for centralised women's training sessions and social events.


The club also run Spartans Boxing League, a friendly, inter Spartans competition which is heartily supported by the Spartans community. Did we mention that they do an all women's fight card too!


If you travel abroad, Spartans are also currently located in Dubai, soon to be Cambodia and other locations across Asia Pacific. We highly recommended Spartans as a women friendly gym



More than just a Boxing Gym, The Ring is home to many; a Community that heartens authenticity, uniqueness and acceptance. In the ring, you hold no labels. Whether through Group class or Personal training, The Ring strives to empower and support all our members through their voyage of growth. The Ring is a Community, built with passion to empower your journey through hard work, dedication and persistence.



When it comes to Women's Boxing, Legends Fight Sport is definitely up there in helping the community grow. With their weekly community women's classes, they aim to grow the female boxing circle bigger.


National Boxing Coach Muhammad Ridhwan and fellow former national boxer Leona Hui, lead the Women's Development Team and also started the first ever women's boxing championship here in Singapore called Women's Boxing Championship, where they run an all female fight card, ranging from development all the way to elite level.  This allows an avenue for more female to compete. 

So no matter whether you're up to keep fit or decide that one day you want to compete, you know there is a platform for you to grow either way.

BBA BlueYellow.png



Despite its name, Brothers Boxing Academy is home to many sisters, who play an integral part in their community and continue to grow in strength every day.


The gym is run by 2 brothers in the heart of Jalan Besar, Hamzah Farouk, an active Professional Fighter (Former WBC Asia Continental Champion), and his coach, Syakir Farouk.


Brothers Boxing Academy strongly believes that boxing is a sport that should be accessible to all. Regardless of your starting point, the academy guarantees the acquisition of essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in the sport, thereby transcending its name and embracing a diverse community. For women looking to take their boxing up a notch and compete, their academy's team is well prepared to support you and get you in fight shape!

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