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Why boxing is good for your mental health

Boxing can enhance women’s lives in so many ways. Like all physical activity, boxing produce endorphins, the feel-good brain chemical that ease symptoms of depression, anxiety and can increase levels of confidence. In support of mental health month, we are sharing some thoughts on how boxing can enhance women’s mental health in other ways too!

Boxing boosts brainpower

To box you need to concentrate on the task in front of you, You need to focus on the moves, the pads and the bag. A bit like meditation, you leave everything else behind. When you do this it gives your brain space to rest, reset and power up, meaning you are better prepared to face the days challenges.

Boxing as destructive therapy.

Punching a bag is also a great way to release frustration, anger or stress. This kind of destructive therapy, where you get to smash out whatever negative emotions you are dealing with on an inanimate object, helps you to vent and manage negative emotions so that they don't build up - we all need that from time to time :0)

Boxing builds confidence.

Confidence is an attractive trait, but more importantly, learning how to box teaches you practical skills that will help you to defend yourself should anyone ever try to hurt you. There’s a certain confidence that comes with knowing you can defend yourself. Your training will give you confident in social situations. It will empower you to set boundaries with people you interact with and can help you to get past mental health issues like anxiety.

Boxing builds friendships.

Social isolation can lead to mental problems like depression and anxiety, When you box you are rarely on your own. Taking a class, sparring or pad work all require constant social interaction. Your training partners serve as a support system; someone to share a laugh and to motivate you when you need to push through a tough session.

Boxing gyms are vibrant places full of inspiration and optimism - the perfect environment to manage your mental health.

If this article has inspired you, please visit the Gyms page in the Community section of our website to see a list of boxing gyms suitable for women, across singapore.

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