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3 reasons great nutrition is like great boxing.

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

1. Both require commitment - to achieve success in both boxing you need to be dedicated. You need to commit to following a regular routine and stick to it. The great news is that you are in control, you can decide what your routine looks like and how it fits into your lifestyle. You can attend classes at a gym, enrol in online classes or hire a personal coach. It is the same with nutrition. You can choose a style of eating that you enjoy, one that suits your lifestyle and one that works within your budget.

2. Both require knowledge - to get the most out of boxing, you need to understand the basics. Boxers need a solid foundation of core skills before they can build the nuances that help them to succeed in the ring. The same goes for nutrition. Basic nutritional literacy around what to eat and how much to eat is an important foundation. You can then layer on your personal tendencies and preferences to help you successfully build joo a long-term approach to great nutrition.

3. Both deliver impressive results - just like boxing, commitment and knowledge can achieve amazing results for you and your community. As you improve your own health and fitness, your success will encourage those around you to move more and eat better, which in turn creates healthier communities.

Just like boxing, starting on the path to great nutrition can be daunting. A trusted coach can help you develop the skills you need as well as keeping you accountable, engaged and challenged through the process. At Feast with JJ we can help you take the first step with balanced meals at your convenience.

Jade Andin is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach and the Co- founder of Feast with JJ and JJ Fitspace. It is her mission to help people weave the principles of nutrition and fitness into their life in a repeatable and enjoyable way.

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