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Why all women should box - Part 1.

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

The last year has been transformative. After twenty years of shunning exercise, I am up at the crack of dawn and in the boxing gym four times a week. My body, my mind and my life have transformed thanks to boxing. But as an unfit, 43 year old women my new hobby initially raised a few eyebrows. I’m here to tell you that it shouldn’t have done. Boxing is a brilliant way to get fit and that is why all women should box.

Boxing has embraced diversity.

If you think that boxing gyms are aggressive, sweaty, boys clubs, you couldn’t be more wrong! Well to be fair some are, but over the last few years the world of boxing has embraced diversity. In particular there has been a huge shift in the representation of women from grass roots through to international level. In our gym 40% of the members are women. We have women coaches too. The mix of the sexes enhances the experience, it provides a more balanced environment and builds a real sense of community. Quite the opposite of threatening, it is a safe space for men and women to release stress, push their limits and get fit.

Boxing targets typical female problem areas.

Anyone that thinks boxing is just about the arms is mistaken. To box properly you need to engage your full body. When you punch you work your arms, back and shoulders to land your shots. The power that drives the punch comes from your hips and legs, and the stability to duck and dive from your core. Boxing is a full body workout that burns up to 400 calories every 30 minutes and targets all of the typical female problem areas. If you give it a go I can guarantee your legs, bum and tum will thank you.

Boxing boosts your mood.

Studies have found that people who do high-intensity workouts such as boxing release significantly more endorphins (the pleasure hormone), than those who do the same amount of moderate exercise. Endorphins released during exercise have many benefits that help with the symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety and can increase levels of confidence. They can contribute to weight loss by regulating your appetite, and the great news for women, is that tapping into your endorphins can ease the symptoms of PMS. Who doesn’t want to wave goodbye to period pain!

So get up and give boxing a go ladies! Go to the BXHR Community page to find a list of local Singapore boxing gyms vetted and recommended by the team here at BXHR.

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