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Bring it on 2023!

Updated: Jan 7

Thankfully 2022 is done!

This picture taken at the end of November 2022 is a little misleading. Although the year started pretty well, by then things had gone rapidly downhill culminating in a scary brush with serious illness. By the end of the year I had lost my mojo. I was losing my hard-fought fighting form, I was mentally exhausted and emotionally spent.

Thankfully after a couple of weeks R&R with the family I’m rested and ready to start my journey back to fitness. I am feeling excited and optimistic about starting my rejuvenation. I am enthusiastic about getting back in the gym and looking forward to all the benefits being fitter will bring.

But I've been on this journey before. I know it’s going to be a tough and honestly the knowledge has frozen me in my steps. I am anxious about the physical and emotional challenges, nervous about juggling my many commitments and scared about failing. I need a shot of adrenaline to get me started and I am giving myself one by sharing this with you.

Sharing intent, forces commitment. Now I have told you, it's out there - I’m committed to take on the challenge. I will take the first step towards fitness, again. Thank you for helping me get started on my journey and I wish you the very best with yours. Bring it on 2023!

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